MILANO6769. A project entirely Made in Italy

A naturally derived Italian acetate

The raw material of MILANO6769 frames for eyeglasses is provided by Mazzucchelli 1849 SpA, worldwide leader in the production and coloration of cellulose acetate from plants (cotton). The natural material is also revealed to the touch, with a nice "warm and silky effect", which gives the user the comfort that only natural substances can give. The materials used are suitable for the production of eyeglass frames according to the harmonized standard ISO 12870.


Design and production 100% Italian

The design is strictly Italian and it was entrusted to experienced professionals in the field. The production is Italian and is made in specialized Belluno District. The finish is done by hand with natural waxes, according to the methods that combine traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced technological tools. The frames MILANO6769 amazed for the incredible artistic and aesthetic effects proposed for the high quality standards and physical-mechanical achievements.


Particular attention has been made to packaging and communication, with the aim to provide the brand image of high quality, capable of facilitating the work of a professional optician sale.


Strategic motivation


Value / price ratio

The strategic decision to produce frames with the characteristics of Milano6769 collections , so different from those of mass products more widely known, comes from the growing demand of the market of products with the right price / quality balance.



The low quality does not pay

The last 10 years have seen a massive introduction of low-quality Asian products at minimum prices, which didn’t help Opticians that from always are working with quality.

But the low price and the trivialization of the design of these products have not paid off even those who have chosen them. The result is the return to quality without compromise.



Quality makes the difference

Another gap to be filled is the diversification of products inside the stores. The optical high professionalism, desire to break away from overcrowding, differing from the shops of the lower profile, high-quality products through exclusive distribution.



MILANO6769 aims to meet these needs with a business plan and solid quality, based on specific characteristics of the product value, which lies in the concept of Made in Italy on its strength in sophisticated design and its emotional message in positioning between luxury fashion and its competitive advantage.



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