Who we are

MILANO6769 is the new Division of Eye Technologies Group that develop, designs and manufactures frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Innovative design features, exclusives raw materials and andvanced production techniques, MILANO6769 frames are positioned midway betweenfashion and luxury products.

Today luxury is not only fashionable, but it is accessible to all.

Milano and its symbols

Milan is one of the world capitals of fashion and industrial design, where the enactment of the new trends and organizing the biggest international industrial events. Already in October 2006, the New York Times had confirmed officially that the four fashion capitals were Milan, Paris, London and New York.

The Global Language Monitor, analyst firm that documents and tracks cultural trends worldwide, confirmed the same ranking for 2011.

One of the main symbols of Milan and its history is the Castello Sforzesco, built in the fifteenth century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan. Like all medieval castles, it has the architectural characteristics of the battlements, which consists of alternating full and empty areas in the terminal part of the wall, thus forming a top toothed dovetail.

MILANO6769 Logo

The name and logo MILANO6769 intend to reiterate the unequivocal nature of the Italian origin of the product, combined with the tradition of "knowing how to do well", typical of ancient craftsmanship. In tribute to Milan and its symbols, Milano6769 logo offers a distinctive element interpreted according to different readings, all related to the city of Milan:

  • the graphic red, 
    • read in reverse, suggests the contours of a capital M, M of Milan,
    • read in positive, follows the exact profile of the battlements of the Castello Sforzesco
    • in the same key, back to the tongue of a snake, symbol, found in the arms of Milan (the famous snake)
  • the color red was chosen because it was adopted in the arms of Milan, although the tone in the logo is not the same
  • as well reveal the name of the city, consists of a number derived by year of birth of brothers Luca and Roberto Iazzolino, both founding members of the Company. The number to the name merged customize everything without removing important to the city name


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